DEBUFF is a multiplatform singleplayer and multiplayer action game with RPG features, 9 fantasy heroes and heart-warming storyline.

Nine fantasy heroes with unique skills await your leadership in single player campaign, cross-platform multiplayer battles and raids and last but not least, killing football game! πŸ™‚ Gain experience to level up, assign skill points, earn golds, purchase bonus buffs to fight DEBUFF. Compete with others in overall and monthly leaderboards. Oh, and don’t forget to kill Hellga!


Orc king Littlehead had a beautiful (by Orc’s standards at least) daughter called Hellga. She wanted to marry a prince, but because she was heavily influenced by misunderstood multiculturalism she decided to turn down all proposals from orc princes. She asked her father to send messengers to neighboring lands instead, but no human, dwarf or undead prince was interested to marry her (not because she was an orc, but because of her personality of course). The rejections were quite polite but princess Hellga got upset anyway. She cursed all the princes and turned them into small warriors, who now have to fight for her pleasure in arenas placed in her room.

DEBUFF (da heroes)


  • 9 fantasy heroes with unique stats and skills
  • 4 game modes
  • 14 different maps
  • 31 Steam Achievements
  • 6 Steam Trading Cards (coming soon)
  • 3 Leaderboards
  • DEBUFF – To motivate the warriors to fight, Hellga periodically stomps her feet which causes -10 hp loss to all

Game modes

  • Campaign – finish all 9 levels to enter additional stages with increasing difficulty.
  • Multiplayer – with human players or bots:
    • Battle – free for all, gain experience, rating and gold for killing opponents and/or staying alive last.
    • Boss (raid) – cooperate with others to take down Hellga, the boss.
    • KillBall – help your team (blue/red) to win a football match, don’t die in the process.


  • Knight (melee attack) – Grumpy old chap, gets things done the old way, the sword way.
    (Special: kickback and critical damage)
  • Marksman (range attack) – Not saying he’s a coward or anything, but he likes to attack from safe distance with his trustworthy bow.
    (Special: frost spell (slowing target))
  • Mage (area effect attack) – He might look at us in a haughty manner with his fancy glowing stick and what not, but in reality he doesn’t discriminate. Everybody staying near gets a fair share of magical action.
    (Special: storm spell (increased area of attack))
  • Berserker (melee attack) – Whoever gave this little undead creature with obvious inferiority complex that big dagger wasn’t thinking clearly, that’s for sure.
    (Special: vampire spell (self-healing))
  • Archer (range attack) – Markman’s (ugly) cousin.
    (Special: poison (damage over time))
  • Invoker (range attack, sort of) – You thought there are more than enough undeads on the battlefield? Well, think twice and behold on invoked minions!
    (Special: minion explosion)
  • Hammermasher (melee attack) – Angry dwarf with a big hammer, do we need to say more?
    (Special: stun)
  • Hunter (range attack) – Man needs to hunt to eat (if he’s not a vegan of course). And in the meantime crush his enemies and hear the lamentation of their players.
    (Special: increased speed)
  • Engineer (range attack) – Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Teach a dwarf to create bombs and he will provide you with explosions. Simple as that.
    (Special: armageddon (increased area of attack))

Oh and all heroes can use TNT as a secondary attack, because who doesn’t like a little bit of ‘bomb a man’ action, right. πŸ˜‰

Controls in default camera mode (overhead)

Keyboard&mouse: Use your mouse cursor to point where your hero should look and attack. Press left mouse button and keep it pressed to let him walk there. Press keyboard button 1 to perform primary attack, button 2 to perform secondary attack.

Gamepad/joystick: Play. πŸ™‚

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