Would you like some early Christmas present? 🙂 Come grab some of our popular games for just $0.99! (Both for Android and iOS)

What you get?

  • Want to shoot some ducks in the dark? DarkHunt HD (suitable for children) and DarkHunt: HD Brutality (recommended for hardcore players) is the right choice for fast-paced atmospheric action.
  • Tip: Do you like our ducks but do not want necessarily to shoot them? Get our DarkHunt Live Wallpaper for FREE!
  • Want to enjoy old-school brick breakout action? Buy DeathMetal HD and guide your balls of steel through 40 levels in 4 different sets.
  • And last but not the least – do you have what it takes to fight smart enemies using just timed bombs in more than 40 different levels? For all Bomberman lovers out there our FireLords HD is a must! Be warned though, it takes days to beat them all! (And if you want to eat and sleep in the meantime, even weeks ;))

UPDATE: Due to popular demand we have already started our December sale today, enjoy! 🙂


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