Our portfolio of free games and apps is growing. Recently we have created FREE (or free with ads) versions of our popular previously PAID games so wait no longer and give them a try! 🙂

18. 9. 2014:   Having iPhone or iPad? Take a look on our bundle MEGAPACK deal – all our 10 casual games for just one price!

26. 10. 2014:   3 more Android games added – DeathMetal, Ball vs. Zombies and TrainCraft!


TrainCraft FREE
Want to know what it feels like to be a Pac-Man riding a railway train? Now you can!
[FREE for Android]
FireLords FREE
Do you like Bomberman, Dynablaster or similar arcade games? 40+ levels, intelligent enemies, hours of fun…
[FREE for Android]   [FREE for iOS]
DeathMetal FREE
If you like Pong, Arkanoid or any other wall/brick breaker, you must definitely try DeathMetal! 40 levels in 4 episode packs + heavy metal music.
[FREE for Android]
The Seasons FREE
Unique match-3 puzzle game on hexagonal grid themed in four seasons…
[FREE for Android]
Ball vs. Zombies FREE
Roll the ball and break some zombie bone! Tilt your device to accelerate heavy stone ball and crush incoming zombies before they steal your lives!
[FREE for Android]
Challenges FREE
Test your IQ. No hints. No instructions. Only you and the game. If you need to ask how to play, you’ve already lost 🙂
[FREE for Android]   [FREE for iOS]
SliderWood FREE
Relax your mind, listen to music and slide pieces of photos to achieve serenity…
[FREE for Android]
Autobird FREE
Flying bird combined with time wasting strategy game clicker? Hell yeah! 🙂
[FREE for Android]   [FREE for iOS]
Santa Boxes FREE
Kids will love tapping on flying Santas to drop some coloured presents for them! Match-2 logical game for casual players.
[FREE for Android]   [FREE for iOS]
DarkHunt Live Wallpaper FREE
Night sky filled with black ducks in atmospheric DarkHunt game environment!
[FREE for Android]
Doge Live Wallpaper FREE
Such doge, much wallpaper! Very floating and many OpenGL! Yes, that’s right, awesome free live wallpaper based on popular Doge meme 😉
[FREE for Android]


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