We proudly announce our new space game Space Merchants: Days of Glory! It is still work in progress but we keep our fingers crossed to release it in 2016 if everything goes well.

Space Merchants

■ We have been greenlit on Steam and will release the game in 2016!

Thank you and stay tuned!

Our new Space Merchants game is a sort of sequel/spin-off to our previous Windows game Space Merchants: Conquerors, which has won Becherovka Game competition in 2005. It is basically elite-like game which combines adventure with interesting story and narratives, trading and upgrading your gear, gaining experience and improving your ship’s AI system, and of course realtime dogfights in space.

Only this time everything is bigger and better of course. 🙂 Game will be initially released in 2 languages, English and Czech. If you would like to see your language there, let us know.

The game will support 2 means of controls: precise controlling using mouse and keyboard (similar to game Freelancer) or gamepad/joystick for PCs and Macs and simplified touch controls for mobile devices. We will also try to add VR support later on, we hope to enable both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for PC and Galaxy Gear VR (maybe even Google Cardboard) for mobiles.

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  1. Rob Evans says:

    Hello, I am a voice actor for Alabama and was wanting to see if you needed some voice acting for anything in your upcoming game. The way it will work is I will edit the audio clips if needed and I will send you them online. Hope to do business with you.

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