Night sky filled with black ducks in atmospheric DarkHunt game environment!

If you are (or soon will be :)) fan of our DarkHunt HD shooter games, this FREE live wallpaper is a must have! And even if you don’t know our games yet, you will surely enjoy this beautiful night landscape. Give it a try!


For Android mobiles and tablets:



✓ Flying ducks similar to the ones you can see (and shoot ;)) in our DarkHunt HD and DarkHunt HD: Brutality games

✓ Paralax scrolling layers with game environment (silhouettes of ground, trees, house, …)

✓ All textures are in highest resolution (up to 4096×1024 pixels!) suitable for both mobiles and biggest tablets

✓ OpenGL hardware acceleration of drawing for most smooth experience and low battery consumption

✓ Absolutely free, no advertisements, no notifications



After installation press Menu or long-press on empty space on your homescreen. Choose Wallpaper, Live wallpapers and select “DarkHunt Wallpaper” and “Set wallpaper”.


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